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Just choose which product you want below. You can mix and match. Minimum order is 12 units. Use the form below to get your order to us.


Once the form is filled, send it to us. We will calculate the total cost and get back to you on the final pricing.


We accept 2 different payments Paypal (or credit card via Paypal) and Wire Transfer.  Once we received your payments, we will send you the tracking for your order.

Relian Mascara - Black: Code: Black

Get our Relian Mascara Black 8039 at Wholesale pricing!
12 boxes for ONLY USD4.15 per box!

Relian Mascara - Pink: Code: Pink

Get our Relian Mascara Pink 8041 at Wholesale pricing!
12 boxes for ONLY USD3.92 per box!

Relian Mascara - Panther: Code: Panther

Get our Relian Mascara Silver 8043 at Wholesale pricing!
12 boxes for ONLY USD6.03 per box!

Relian Mascara - Silver: Code: Silver

Get our Relian Mascara Panther 8048 at Wholesale pricing!
12 boxes for ONLY USD9.43 per box!

Our other list of Relian mascaras that we have from our factory:

Gel only Relian mascaras:

Finished your gel faster then your fibers? Buy GEL only Relian lashes so that you can continue using our incredible mascara gel with our special fibers and not leave your house without using them! Get it now! Buy in bulk (12 units minimum) and save!

Put your ORDER / QUESTIONS here. We will get back to you asap.

6 months ago

Relian Mascara

Thank you to those who has supported us during this one month period. Our sales has increased by 38% ... Keep us in your loop for extra long lashes. Use our Relian Mascara for your business. We look forward to keep going with you! See you at the next post!
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6 months ago

Relian Mascara

One more day left! Quick! Take advantage of the wholesale pricing before it closes! Thank you to those who have purchased and hope you are using or selling Relian Mascara! PM us anytime and we will get back to you soon. Thanks! ...

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Our other Relian products are coming soon! See below some of our products.

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We are always looking for distributors in every country. If you think you are up to the challenge, email us and we can talk business.

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You want to rebrand Relian to your own brand and not sure how to do it? We can help you! From simple solutions to full fledge production. we have our own studio to help you with your packaging designs to many different types of tubes you can choose from, to complete production. We can also arrange to send you your complete products when complete. All in one!